Sew it up! Embroidery is in.

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Hello my flowers,

Haven't been on/posted in a long time due to exams sorry about that xx

Today's topic is Embroidery!
Yes or No?

Personally, I love the recent trend of embroidery, and what's a trend that I am not part of? Of course, I already own a multitude of embroidered products. But I have recently discovered Gucci's new collection with the embroidered jeans, jacket and shoes, oh my! These items are MOST definitely on my wish list this year. @Gucci hit me up xo

I just love this whole outfit! from the bag to the shoes to the jeans! Gucci really went with the trend and did it very nicely x

The jeans which look like a fairy garden on your legs. 4-year-old me would have adored them!

I am going on a trip next month to a very exciting place. I was wondering if I should do either a blogpost on the whole week or OOTD for each day? Let me know in the comments what you would prefer! xx


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