Patch it up!

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Hello, mes petites fleurs! It is post day!!

Another huge trend I have noticed and fell in love with is PATCHES! I love how you can put any patches on your jackets to shirts to jeans.

As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to buy something with patches. So I got a t-shirt with fruit patches and honestly, it's the best thing I've bought in Summer 2016. I picked up some patches to make DIY patched jeans because let's face it, I have one pair too many of jeans.

Let me know if you would like to see a post on how I make them x.

Denim & Patches 
This trend came back to life after being a fad in 2013, it was shown in the New York Fashion Week SS 2016.
NYFW SS 2016
Gorg bomber jacket filled with patches. I will try to find the store for it :)

More examples of jackets with patches.

As of where to get them, Stradivarius (available in Europe) has some great choices, linked here.
For the North American residents, Zara sells them here :)

Until next time xx


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