Chokers: Yay or Nay?

10:38 PM Hana 0 Comments

Hey Fashion Royalty,

I'm back x. Today's topic is chokers: yay or nay? I've noticed that it is either a trend people love or dislike a lot! Personally, I find that a choker can make your outfit look more edgy and rebellious, which I love! Here are some chokers than I found to look amazing! xx

These are examples of the classy chokers than can look good for formal events x

I love the layering of these different types of chokers!

Credit to the artist. This choker is a 90s themed one, which isn't one of my favourites but the art was too good not to include :)

Kendall is known for wearing chokers almost daily! They look amazing on her with all her outfit choices. 

That is it for today boos xx. Sorry if it was shorter than usual, I'm not feel well :(


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