As seen on Insta: Luma Brush

 Hello my flowers, 

I am back earlier than I promised x I got a surge of inspiration to write more, so I decided why not post it on Friyay? I hope you all are having a safe and amusing weekend, let me know your plans down below in the comment section. 

Let's get on to the post, so as most of us have probably seen on Instagram. A heat styling brush has become widespread among beauty bloggers, this brush called the "Luma". I happened to get my hands on one or two, you can never have enough. Plus after my review, you'll be running to get one.

This brush claims to cut down your hair styling time majorly! I have thick and curly hair, so I was a bit doubtful at first because let's be real nothing works these curls out. But I decided I had nothing to lose except for my hair, so I gave it a try. 

Honestly? It's life changing, my hair normally takes an hour to straighten but I was done under 30 minutes.

Things I love?
- Not easily burned
- Less damaged hair 
- Heats up in ONE minute
- Turns off if you do not use it for a while (so no forgetting to turn it off!)

Things I that can be changed?
- Honestly don't have any cons because I LOVE it.

- Do not use on wet hair (it will take longer)
- Read the instructions it comes with, they will save you time.

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New Year, New Sneakers?

Hello everyone,

Haven't been in a long time due to exams and just a busy schedule, so sorry about that. I will be posting twice a week now because school has dulled for a bit (I hope) x I hope everyone had a lovely New Year, and that 2017 is going great so far!

These past two months, I have noticed that NMDs (shoes by Adidas) have become very popular amongst the teenage world here in the Middle East, especially at my school. So in honour of the sudden spike in trend, I decided to post pictures on my favourite colours so far.

Personally, I have not gotten NMDs yet, because anytime I want some they are always out of stock.
+adidas hit me up with a pair? xx

So here are my favourite NMD styles that have been released.

Probably the most basic pair that any girl has,
but the colour is so lovely and can be paired with almost anything! Tbf, probably wouldn't buy this pair if I do get NMDs because everyone seems to have them.

This is another basic one, probably again because it has more stock. It is not as limited as the rest are, nonetheless it is a lovely colour.

This by far is my FAVE pair, I know I've said that about each one. But this colour is number one on my list because I've always loved military/olive green. Adidas, feel free to give me a pair? Jk xx

I love this pair because the colour is so attracting to the eye. Personally, I have not seen this pair anywhere so they could be limited? However they are still on my dream list for NMDs because of the gorgeous colour. 
That concludes my post, short but sweet :) Feel free to reach out in the comments or on my social media about which posts YOU would like to see next. 
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Sew it up! Embroidery is in.

Hello my flowers,

Haven't been on/posted in a long time due to exams sorry about that xx

Today's topic is Embroidery!
Yes or No?

Personally, I love the recent trend of embroidery, and what's a trend that I am not part of? Of course, I already own a multitude of embroidered products. But I have recently discovered Gucci's new collection with the embroidered jeans, jacket and shoes, oh my! These items are MOST definitely on my wish list this year. @Gucci hit me up xo

I just love this whole outfit! from the bag to the shoes to the jeans! Gucci really went with the trend and did it very nicely x

The jeans which look like a fairy garden on your legs. 4-year-old me would have adored them!

I am going on a trip next month to a very exciting place. I was wondering if I should do either a blogpost on the whole week or OOTD for each day? Let me know in the comments what you would prefer! xx